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Accused Pedophile Could Be First Death Penalty Under New Florida Law

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Florida prosecutor William Gladson is testing a new law allowing child rapists to be executed by seeking the death penalty for Joseph Andrew Giampa, who faces charges of sexual battery and promoting a sexual performance by a child.

The decision is based on the severity of the crime and aggravating factors in Giampa’s case.

However, several barriers exist, including the need for conviction and potential appeals. (Trending: Ousted Democrat Who Filmed Explicit Tape Blames Homophobia)

“Given the severity of the crime and its impact on the community, the Fifth Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office has filed a notice that it intends to seek the death penalty,” the office stated.

“The decision to pursue the highest penalty reflects the gravity of the charges and the State Attorney’s Office’s dedication to holding criminals accountable for their actions.”

Footage revealed the abuser saying he “likes it more when [the victim] does not like it.”

Governor DeSantis supports the law, asserting that child rapists deserve the death penalty, emphasizing the protection of children.

“My view is, you have some of these people that will be serial rapists of six, seven-year-old kids. I think the death penalty is the only appropriate punishment when you have situations like that,” DeSantis said.

“In Florida, we stand for the protection of children,” DeSantis pressed.

“Unfortunately, in our society, you have very heinous sex crimes that are committed against children under the age of 12 years old.”

“And so this bill sets up a procedure to be able to challenge that precedent to be able to say that in Florida, we think that the worst of the worst crimes deserve the worst of the worst punishment and I think that that’s the only thing that’s appropriate.”

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