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4-Month-Old Swept Away By Powerful Tennessee Tornado Survives

via NBC
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A Tennessee family faced a devastating tornado that destroyed their home and swept up their 4-month-old child, who miraculously survived and was found in a nearby tree.

The mother, Sydney Moore, recounted the terrifying experience, emphasizing her instinct to protect her children.

“Something in me just told me to run and jump on top of my son,” the mother said. “The moment I jumped on him, the walls collapsed.” (Trending: Kid Rock Rages Against ‘Woke’ Target)

“The roof came off first, the tip of the tornado came down and picked up the bassinet with our baby,” she said.

“He was the first thing to go up.”

“He was just holding on to the bassinet the whole time, and they went into circles,” Moore recalled of her boyfriend’s attempt to save the infant.

“I thought he was dead,” she recalled of finding the baby in a nearby downed tree.

“I was pretty sure he was dead and we weren’t going to find him. But he’s here, and that’s by the grace of God.”

“I will die for my kids. That’s not even a question, and my boyfriend would do the same thing,” Moore added.

Despite losing their belongings, the community has come together to support the family.

Now, they are in search of a new home after the harrowing event.

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