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Zuckerberg’s Face Cam Heralds New Age of Surveillance

via The Verge on Youtube
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Reviews are coming in on Ray-Ban Meta glasses, which include a camera for photos and videos, speakers, and microphones.

The glasses aim to integrate technology seamlessly into daily life.

However, the scholars have found that wearing the glasses led to distractions and a sense of reduced presence in various activities, impacting their performance while climbing, driving, and working. (Trending: Joe Biden Impeachment Formalized As Republicans Unite)

“If you’ve got the camera with you, you’re immediately not in the moment,” photography teacher Ben Long said.

“Now you’re wondering, Is this something I can present and record?”

The glasses’ potential privacy implications and the ease of covert surveillance may create legal challenges.

Despite their ability to capture unique moments, the some doubt whether these benefits outweigh the privacy concerns and distractions.

There are endless potential future applications for smart glasses such as these.

“What these things do is they don’t make possible something that was impossible,” independent privacy scholar Chris Gilliard said.

“They make easy something that was less easy.”

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