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Senator Marsha Blackburn: Terror Watch List Border Crossers Should Be Sent to Gitmo

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Senator Marsha Blackburn suggested that border crossers on the U.S. terror watch list should be sent to Guantanamo Bay.

She emphasized the need for transparency in the spending of U.S. aid to Ukraine and proposed dealing with Israel’s funding needs separately.

Blackburn highlighted the importance of securing the southern border, citing instances of known terrorists and individuals from various countries seeking entry. (Trending: Democrat Excludes White People From Holiday Party In Controversial Email)

She called for changes to asylum rules, enforcement, and emphasized the need to prevent terrorists from entering the country.

“They’re saying another $60 billion. And as I said, we’ve already spent $113 billion. So what conservatives are saying — and I think rightfully — is, look, let’s break this apart. Let’s deal with Israel’s funding,” Blackburn said.

“They’re very specific what they need. They need $4 billion to replenish the Iron Dome.”

“They need some money for munitions they need. We need $150 million to secure our embassy there. So let’s deal with that,” she added.

“Let’s deal with our southern border. We can’t talk about Ukraine’s border until we deal with our border. So let’s be aggressive in dealing with our border first, and secure our border,” she said.

“And when a terrorist comes to our southern border, this administration does not send them to Gitmo, and they don’t send them back to their country. What they do is hold them and then they have to go before a judge to see if they qualify for entry and staying in this country.”

“And these may be people that are coming from China,” Blackburn added.

“Or they may be from Russia, where we had over 100 in October alone, or from countries like Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan where we had dozens come to our southern border in the month of October alone. So we’re just saying, look, it’s time to secure the southern border,” she said.

“It’s not just people from Mexico, or from the Northern Triangle that are coming to that border. This is people from all around the world that are seeking entry.”

“And I’ll tell you what … they’re not coming here to go to Disney World or to get a better job, not all of them. We’ve got a lot of military-aged young men, single, that are presenting at our southern border right now,” she said.

“They’re terrorists. This is their job,. They’re terrorists.”

“We’re just saying, these people need to go to Gitmo,” Blackburn said.

“They don’t need to be given free passage into the United States of America, for goodness sake. And we have to change our asylum rules and say you can’t come claim asylum here. You’ve got to do it in another country.”

“You’ve got to do it in your home country. You are not going to come into the country and wait to see a judge. You’re going to have to wait outside the country until a judge can hear your case before you’re allowed to come in.”

“Do you think for one minute that you could cross into China or Russia or Iran or Egypt or Pakistan and just walk in and then say, ‘I’m here? Give me asylum. I want to have free rein in the country.’”

“Absolutely not. There’s no one that does that,” she added.

“This is the reason for changing the asylum rule, because the law is not broken. It is the enforcement and this administration choosing not to enforce the law.”

“I mean, you can look at the number of terrorists under Donald Trump. One year, we had three, a couple of years we had zero.”

“So that shows you what enforcing the law does. If you’re a terrorist, you’re not going to come in this country,” she said.

“Like I said, you know, if it were up to me, it would be send them to Gitmo. They’re a terrorist, they are not going to wish you well,” she added.

“Their job is to destroy you,”

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