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Latino Democrats Tout Migrants as Their Constituents

via ABC News

Democratic Latino politicians are demanding President Joe Biden protect the interests of foreign migrants, calling on him to deny significant concessions to GOP negotiators in the debate over $14 billion in emergency funds for migration.

They demand a seat at the negotiation table as representatives of migrants, emphasizing the need to consult affected immigrant and Latino communities.

The politicians promote migrant workers as a benefit to employers and the economy, but ignore the impact on Americans’ wages, jobs, housing, and careers. (Trending: Joe Biden Impeachment Formalized As Republicans Unite)

“We are here to protect immigration as it is,” Rep. Nanette Barragan (D-CA) said.

“Let me put it a little differently. We’re here to call on President Biden and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to reject the immigration and border bills at the hands of Republicans in the ongoing negotiations around the supplemental [emergency funding bill].”

“Not a single member of the CHC [Congressional Hispanic Caucus] was given a heads up that the administration would be proposing or considering these right-wing nonstarters,” said Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ).

“That is a hard slap in the face to all the Latino and immigrant communities we represent.”

“These negotiations are taking place without a single CHC member at the table,” said Barragan. “That is completely unacceptable … We need to continue to push to have our seats.”

The Democrats obscured the difference between illegal and legal migrants, and many described the illegal migrants as members of their constituency.

“We’re here to make things better for our constituents,” said Rep. Greg Casar (D-TX). “That’s why we are telling President Biden and the Senate Democrats to hold strong … We can pass support for allies in Ukraine without throwing immigrant families under the bus.

“We can make sure that this [migration] system works … that after they cross the border, they come to us for jobs and housing, and some transportation to get to their relatives in other parts of the country,” said Rep. Sylvia Garcia (D-TX).

“This is a movement to consult the most affected communities — immigrant and Latino communities and other communities across the country,” Rep. Chuy Garcia (D-IL) pressed.

“We have been excluded.”

Republicans are trying to “gut our immigration system at the expense of immigrants,” said Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-FL).

“We believe that this country has a duty to help innocent migrants … We believe that all people, regardless of their status, should be treated with dignity and respect by virtue of being a human.”

“We’re not collateral damage, we’re not expendable,” said Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ).

“Our country thrives because of immigrants,” said Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX).

“I bet every one of my colleagues can tell you stories about CEOs and business owners and leaders of industry who come to us saying, ‘We need workers, we need a workforce.’”

The influx of migrants is urged and welcomed by business groups, as it cuts wages and boosts profits, while reducing economic pressure on the federal government to address Americans’ problems.

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