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Democrat Senator Says GOP Demands To Secure Border Are ‘Dangerous’

via NBC
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Senator Chris Murphy expressed concern about the demands from House Republicans to secure the southern border, calling it “one of the most dangerous moments” in American politics.

The Republicans have refused to allocate more aid for Ukraine until significant funding is directed to the southern border.

Murphy, working as the lead Senate negotiator on the foreign aid package, emphasized the importance of White House involvement in the border security conversation. (Trending: Kid Rock Rages Against ‘Woke’ Target)

“Of course, when you’re talking about something as complicated as border security, you need the White House engaged, because you need to know whether they’re gonna sign the bill, and you need to understand how the changes you’re making are going to be implemented at the border,” explained Sen. Murphy.

“Because at the very same time that we are making a renewed commitment to Ukraine, Russia’s ability to continue to fight this war is in jeopardy,” he claimed, advocating for sending an additional $60 billion to Ukraine.

“Russia is going to have a hard time coming up with resources necessary to keep this fight going,” he continued.

Adding, “In the end, will there likely have to be a negotiated solution? Absolutely. But if we cut off Ukraine now, the outcome is certain.”

He believes that additional aid for Ukraine is crucial, as cutting it off could have a certain outcome.

Murphy accused Republicans of holding aid for Israel and Ukraine “hostage,” stating that the “fate of the world” depends on their actions within the next 48 hours.

Murphy reportedly criticized Republicans for creating “one of the most dangerous moments that I’ve ever faced in American politics.”

“Well, I’m not paying attention to the politics here What I know is that the future of the world is at stake if we fail,” warned Murphy.

“If Republicans don’t get reasonable in the next 24 to 48 hours, Russia is going to march in Ukraine, China is going to be a green light to invade Taiwan,” claimed the Connecticut Republican.

“The world for my children is fundamentally different under that scenario. The United States security is at risk. So I am just by myself.”

He accused Republicans of “playing games with the security of the world.”

He warned of potential global security risks if Republicans don’t change their stance.

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