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Mike Johnson Stresses Importance Of Impeachment Inquiry Vote: ‘American People Have A Right To Know’

via Fox News
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House Republicans plan to hold a vote to formally open an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, aiming to enforce subpoenas and gather evidence regarding allegations of the president’s compromised state and potential unethical conduct related to foreign funds.

The vote, scheduled for Wednesday, will test Republican unity, as it requires near-unanimous support.

If successful, the inquiry could provide legal leverage to obtain information previously blocked by the White House. (Trending: LeBron James Shares Gun Advice For Americans)

The move follows claims of financial impropriety involving Biden family members and foreign entities, as well as alleged false statements by Joe Biden and concerns about obstruction of investigations.

“The House will likely need to go to court to enforce its subpoenas, and opening a formal inquiry – backed by a vote of the full body – puts us in the strongest legal position to gather the evidence and provide transparency to the American people,” Mike Johnson wrote.

“The American people have a right to know whether the president − through his family − traded official acts for foreign dollars, whether the president is compromised and whether Joe Biden abused his power as president to impede or obstruct the investigation into Hunter Biden.”

“As we have done all along, House Republicans will continue to follow the facts where they lead.”

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