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Florida High School Pays the Price for Letting Boy Play on Girls’ Volleyball Team, Thanks to DeSantis’ Law

via NBC News

A Florida high school, Monarch High, was fined $16,500 for allowing a 10th-grade male student to play on the girls’ volleyball team, violating a state law.

The school’s principal and athletic director were required to attend a compliance seminar, and the school itself was placed on administrative probation.

The student in question is ineligible to participate in sports at any FHSAA-member school until November 2024. (Trending: Dr. Fauci Says the Unthinkable About Going To Church)

“As a father of two daughters, I want my girls, and every girl in Florida, to compete on an even playing field for the opportunities available to young women in sports,” DeSantis stated previously.

“Women have fought for decades to have equal opportunities in athletics, and we have to prevent those opportunities from being eroded as is happening in other states.”

“It’s common sense.”

The incident has sparked debate about fairness and safety in sports, with some celebrating the school’s adherence to the law and others emphasizing the broader issues of fairness and safety involved when boys compete in girls’ sports.

“Need to see more of this. Girls should still have a safe and fair place to play. That’s not asking too much,” one X user wrote.

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