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Al Gore’s Investment Fund Accused Of Profiting Off Industries He Claims Are ‘Destroying’ the Planet

via CNN
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Climate change activists and world leaders gathered in Dubai for COP28, advocating for drastic lifestyle changes to combat climate change.

Critics have highlighted the hypocrisy of some leaders, such as former VP Al Gore’s involvement in a fund investing in greenhouse gas-generating industries.

They also pointed out the profit-driven nature of the climate change industry, suggesting that financial interests are likely perpetuating the issue. (Trending: Here Are The Most Disturbing Ways Hunter Biden Spent His Millions)

“They want to impose real costs on Americans now, in exchange for speculative and hypothetical damage that might occur 20 years from now,” said Eric Eggers, with Peter Schweizer.

“Their goal is to change your life because of their claim that [climate change] is affecting everybody on the planet, and it’s essentially your fault,” Schweizer stated.

“So, they want to change the way you drive. They want to change what you eat. They want to change the temperature in your home.”

“They want to change the lifestyle that you live, and the products that you buy, all in the name of this abstract claim that they can control the rise in temperatures globally.”

“If enough people are making money on the ‘solution,’ the problem will never go away,” Eggers pressed.

Additionally, the conference’s focus on reducing carbon emissions is juxtaposed with the energy-intensive processes involved in carbon capture technologies and electric car battery production.

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