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About 20% of Democrats Want Donald Trump Executed, Exiled, Jailed for Life

via FOX
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Many Democrats hold contempt for former President Donald Trump despite his administration’s economic accomplishments, including job creation and lowering unemployment.

A Rasmussen poll indicates that a significant percentage of Democrats believe Trump is guilty of crimes related to the 2020 election and should face severe consequences if convicted, with some even advocating for life imprisonment, exile, or execution.

This has raised concerns about a descent into authoritarianism within the political left. (Trending: Kid Rock Rages Against ‘Woke’ Target)

Results from the Rasmussen poll:

• 72% of Democrats believe Trump is guilty of crimes in the case
• 12% of Democrats say he should get life in prison if found guilty
• 4% of Democrats want him to be exiled
• 2% of Democrats are in favor of the death penalty

The poll sampled 1,085 voters from November 30-December 6 with a 3 point margin of error.

Jack McPherrin of the Heartland Institute said, “If we needed any more evidence of the political left’s troubling descent into authoritarianism, this poll provides it in spades.”

“The number of Americans – especially Democrats – who already presume Trump’s guilt is already highly concerning,” he continued.

Adding, “And, if he’s found guilty, more than three-quarters of Democrats believe he should be banned from public office, with approximately one-fifth opting to jail him for life, put him permanently in exile, or execute him.”

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