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Tucker Carlson Candidly Reveals What ‘Saved Him’ After Shocking Ouster From Fox

via WFAA on Youtube

Tucker Carlson, after being ousted from Fox News, was offered a lifeline by Elon Musk to bring his operation to X, Musk’s company, with a guarantee of no censorship.

Carlson opted for a subscription-based model to avoid reliance on traditional advertising revenue and maintain journalistic freedom.

Carlson’s shift reflects a broader trend in media consumption, with figures like Carlson finding new ways to connect with their audiences. (Trending: Dr. Fauci Says the Unthinkable About Going To Church)

“Elon called me and said, ‘you should just bring the whole operation to X. Not for pay, but just use it like anyone else would, with the guarantee that he’s made to everyone that this is not gonna be governed by censorship and you can say what you think, as long as you’re not committing a crime,’” Carlson recalled.

“I don’t know if you’ve been fired before, but this happened to me a couple firings ago where there’s this moment where you’re like, well, I guess I’ll just go fishing, you know what I mean?”

“Or something else that’s not healthy and you lose your momentum and then you’re like, what am I doing with my life?”

“You really have to find, at least if you’re me, another form of revenue and the most obvious is subscription because you’re invulnerable. It’s a fortress.”

“They can’t d— with you at that point, and that’s of paramount importance to me because I’ve been d—– with a lot.”

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