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Lawsuit Accuses Top University of Antisemitism, Accepting Millions From Qatar

via Carnegie Mellon University on Youtube
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A Jewish architecture student at Carnegie Mellon University has filed a lawsuit alleging a sustained campaign of antisemitic abuse by faculty and administration, resulting in physical and mental health issues.

The suit claims the university failed to address the discrimination and retaliated against the student.

The lawsuit also highlights the university’s ties to Qatar and suggests a link between these ties and the alleged indifference to the student’s situation. (Trending: Dr. Fauci Says the Unthinkable About Going To Church)

“Yael deserves to have her civil rights protected. The school needs to be held accountable for not just tolerating and allowing a discriminatory environment, but for the retaliation she received after the fact. We want to create real systemic change within this university system,” stated Brooke Goldstein, executive director of the Lawfare Project.

“In response to questioning, Canaan began explaining the concept of an eruv to Arscott, but Arscott cut her off. Arscott said — completely out of the blue — that the wall in the model looked like the wall Israelis use to barricade Palestinians out of Israel,” the lawsuit states.

“This shocked Canaan, who then tried to regain her composure and finish her presentation. But when Canaan finished, Arscott said only that Canaan’s time would have been better spent if she had instead explored ‘what Jews do to make themselves such a hated group.'”

“Hameen claimed she was shocked and appalled by the incident, and assured Canaan that she would speak to Arscott. To Canaan’s knowledge, however, Hameen never did so. No one from CMU’s DEI Office ever followed up,” the lawsuit adds.

“Issaias did not take Canaan seriously. Soon after Canaan confided in Issaias about Arscott’s antisemitic statements and actions, Issaias invited the class to a party at Arscott’s home.”

“When Canaan mentioned how disturbed she was that Isaaias would choose Arscott’s home as a venue for a class party, Issaais told Canaan that ‘breaking bread is a process of reconciliation’ and that Canaan needed to stop “acting like a victim” and that he was ‘not there to fight her battles for her.'” He complained that Canaan was ‘calling all of us antisemites’ and stated that he ‘cannot be an advocate for the Jews.'”

“We can see that there is hatred and radicalization happening on our campuses. And the question is why? What role does foreign funding play? Why is that being tolerated?” Goldstein pressed.

“The Jewish community is a minority community with the oldest, most persecuted minority community in human history. And now it is crucial that in the age of minority rights movements, Jew hatred is shunned.”

“It’s time for the Jewish community once and for all to be given parity.”

The student and her attorneys are seeking punitive and monetary damages.

CMU has stated its commitment to creating an inclusive environment and is evaluating the lawsuit.

“We are steadfast in our commitment to create and nurture a welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment where all students can reach their potential and thrive. We take any allegations of mistreatment or harassment seriously. We have just received notice of this lawsuit and we will evaluate and respond to it,” a CMU spokesperson said.

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