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KJP Loses Her Cool As CBS Reporter Grills Her On Biden’s Border Inaction

via Fox Business on Youtube

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced frustration during a press conference as she evaded questions about the escalating border crisis.

When asked about a potential policy reversal on asylum processing, she avoided specifics and emphasized ongoing negotiations for a bipartisan compromise.

Despite being pressed about President Biden’s focus on immigration reform, Jean-Pierre defended the administration’s efforts, citing executive actions and policies aimed at making the immigration system humane. (Trending: Dr. Fauci Says the Unthinkable About Going To Church)

“Our reporting … indicates the White House, through sources in the administration, is open to an authority that would allow it to suspend asylum processing when there is a spike in border crossings. Wouldn’t that be a major policy reversal and revert back to the previous four years?” Ed O’Keefe asked.

“I’m just not gonna go into sourcing from here,” Jean-Pierre said.

“I’m not gonna get into specifics. There are negotiations happening. Not gonna negotiate from the podium. Gonna let the conversation happen. We have to find a bipartisan compromise.”

“That’s what the president said. That’s what the president believes in order to deal with this issue — and you started off your question … laying out actually that the president did put forth, you laid that out in your question, a comprehensive immigration reform plan.”

“He did that on day one and it is going on three years —”

“How much time since day one has he spent pushing that bill with Congress? Because he’s met with them on foreign policy, on fiscal cliffs, on budget and it’s never been about immigration…” O’Keefe interjected.

“I hear you, Ed, and we have regular conversations with congressional leaders and congressional staff about an array of issues, including this.”

“I mean this is, you cannot send a bigger message to Congress and the American people when you say your first — when you put out, your first piece of legislation — is on this issue, is on reforming immigration right —”

“Doesn’t it land flat when you spend very little public time, as president, talking about the issue, meeting with congressional leaders on the issue specifically, or doing anything else other than having you come up here and say, ‘We issued a bill on day one,’” O’Keefe pressed.

“I disagree!” Jean-Pierre said.

“It’s not just issuing a bill. Not too long ago, back in the spring, we put forth policies on trying to make sure that because Congress didn’t help, trying to put forth policies that try to make the immigration system humane, right, humane and actually dealing with the issue we’re seeing at the border.”

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