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CNN Panics Over Polling: ‘The News Is Not Great For President Biden’

via CNN

CNN reporter Kasie Hunt appeared visibly disturbed while reporting new polling data showing former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden by 10 points in Michigan and by five points in Georgia.

The poll also revealed low approval ratings for Biden’s job performance in both states, with significant numbers of voters expressing dissatisfaction with his policies and negative views of his sharpness and stamina.

The results indicate a remarkable turn in fortune for Trump against a struggling Biden, with the former leading in several swing states and among independent voters. (Trending: LeBron James Shares Gun Advice For Americans)

“The news is not great for President Biden,” Hunt began.

“Trump’s margin over Biden is significantly boosted in both states by people who say they did not vote in 2020.”

“These less engaged voters favored Trump by 26 points in Georgia and by 40 points in Michigan,” she added.

“Right now, Biden is not getting any credit for work he’s done on the economy,” said pollster Caroline Bye.

“Almost twice as many voters in the swing states are saying that Bidenomics is bad for the economy, as opposed to good for the economy, which is a really startling fact if you’re the Biden campaign.”

The findings reflect a challenging landscape for Biden’s administration, marked by overseas conflicts, a sluggish economy, and a migration crisis.

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