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Chilling Warning From FBI Amid Christmas Season:’ Lone Actors May Seek to Disrupt’

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The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security issued a joint warning, asking Americans to stay vigilant during the holiday season due to potential terrorism threats on U.S. soil.

The alert, not based on specific threats, highlighted the potential vulnerability of large public gatherings, particularly during the winter holidays.

While the warning emphasized the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas as a potential inspiration for violence, it also mentioned the rise in anti-Semitism since October and the possibility of violence against various religious communities. (Trending: Dr. Fauci Says the Unthinkable About Going To Church)

he FBI warned, “FBI, DHS, and [the National Counterterrorism Center] assess that ongoing tensions related to the conflict between Israel and HAMAS likely heighten the threat of lone actor violence targeting large public gatherings throughout the winter, including holiday-related, faith-based, New Year’s Eve, and First Amendment protected events related to the conflict.”

“Although this announcement is not in response to any specific plotting activity, these targets likely remain attractive to lone actors inspired by a range of ideologies due to their accessibility and symbolic nature,” continued the agency.

“Lone actors may seek to disrupt or escalate violence at large gatherings, high profile events, or symbolic or religious locations throughout the winter,” cautioned the FBI.

“Such gatherings could become a convenient target for those inspired to commit violence against Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Arab communities.”

“Calls for violence may increase in the days leading up to the holidays and before other notable events this winter,” read the statement.

The PSA continued, “Factors that could further exacerbate the threat of violence include escalations in the conflict between Israel and Hamas and notable instances of violence in the Homeland inspiring copycat or retaliatory attacks.”

“We therefore urge everyone to remain vigilant and to report any threats of violence or suspicious activity to law enforcement.”

The agencies also noted an increase in hoax threats and urged people to report any suspicious activity to law enforcement.

FBI Director Christopher Wray has been vocal about the heightened risk of violence on American soil in recent months.

“I’ve never seen a time where all the threats, or so many of the threats, are all elevated all at exactly the same time,” admitted Wray to Congress last week.


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