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As Biden’s Border Collapses, South Texas Hispanics Move Away From Democrats

via 60 Minutes
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Radio host John Rogers wrote an Op-Ed on the unintended consequences of President Biden’s border policies, that have led to record migrant encounters and a shift of Hispanic voters in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley towards the Republican Party.

The shift is attributed to the Democratic Party’s progressive stances on immigration, the economy, crime, and foreign policy.

Despite some trust in the Democratic Party’s economic policies, there is a growing openness to the GOP among Hispanic voters. (Trending: New Movie Obamas Helped Make Raises Eyebrows: ‘Don’t Trust White People’)

Griff Jenkins reported that Customs and Border Patrol recorded over 535,000 interactions at the border since October 1st.

Highlighting with “more than 65,000 Known Gotaways – that’s nearly 1000/day – no idea who they are, where they’re from or why they’re here.”

John Rogers, a pollster with Cygnal, blames “the Democratic Party’s embrace of progressive stances on immigration, the economy, crime and foreign policy,” for a shift towards the Republican Party.

“The Democratic Party is increasingly urban and progressive, with an activist base focused on electorally niche issues like gender identity and an economic message that income inequality has killed the American dream,” explained Rogers.

Rogers pointed out that “69% of Hispanic voters in the Valley believe the American dream remains achievable.”

Which leaves South Texas Hispanics “open to the GOP.”

This shift in political landscape reflects broader national trends in immigration policy and political affiliation, posing questions about potential impacts in other Hispanic communities across America.

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