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Woman Shot During Truly Bizarre MRI Exam Incident

via Siemens Healthineers on Youtube

A woman in Wisconsin was accidentally shot in the buttocks when a firearm she was carrying discharged while she was preparing for an MRI scan.

The incident was one of 102 reported mishaps involving MRI visits nationwide.

The strong magnet in the machine is believed to have caused the gun to go off.

The woman sustained minor wounds and made a full recovery.

MRI magnets are known for their strength, as evidenced by a fatal incident in India in 2018 when a man was killed after being sucked towards the machine while carrying an oxygen tank.

“When a radiofrequency current is then pulsed through the patient, the protons are stimulated, and spin out of equilibrium, straining against the pull of the magnetic field,” the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering writes.

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