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Videos Of Israeli Soldiers Acting Maliciously Toward Gazans Create New Headache For Israel

via FOX 32 Chicago
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Israeli soldiers have been caught in viral videos and photos displaying derogatory behavior, including destroying resources and demonstrating a lack of empathy towards the citizens of Gaza, leading to international outcry.

The Israeli military has pledged disciplinary action, but critics argue that the videos reflect a national mood unsympathetic to Gaza’s civilians.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has resulted in a high civilian death toll, with videos showing soldiers engaging in inappropriate actions. (Trending: Dr. Fauci Says the Unthinkable About Going To Church)

“The dehumanization from the top is very much sinking down to the soldiers,” said Dror Sadot, a spokeswoman for the controversial Israeli human rights group B’Tselem.

A soldier reportedly posed next the phrase, “instead of erasing graffiti, let’s erase Gaza,” that had been spray painted onto a building.

Conservative Israeli media personality Yinon Magal posted a video on X of Israeli soldiers singing, “Gaza we have come to conquer. … We know our slogan – there are no people who are uninvolved.”

“These are my fighters, they’re fighting against brutal murderers, and after what they did to us, I don’t have to defend myself to anyone,” said Magal.

Israeli military’s spokesman, Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, condemned some of the actions in the videos and photos.

“In any event that does not align with IDF values, command and disciplinary steps will be taken,” he affirmed.

Ghassan Khatib, a former Palestinian Cabinet minister and peace negotiator, said, “Previously, there are people that are interested in seeing from the two perspectives.”

Adding, “Now, each side is closed to its own narrative, its own information, rules, and perspective.”

Eran Halperin, a professor with Hebrew University’s psychology department said, “When people feel they were humiliated, hurting the source of this humiliation doesn’t feel as morally problematic.”

“When people feel like their individual and collective existence is under threat, they don’t have the mental capacity to empathize or apply the moral rulings when thinking about the enemy,” added Halperin.

The videos have emerged amidst a backdrop of deepening animosity and lack of empathy between the two sides.

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