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Unborn Baby’s Life Hangs On Court Ruling

via UK Health Security Agency

A pregnant woman in Texas, Kate Cox, was unable to obtain an abortion for her fetus with a fatal condition, trisomy 18, despite legal efforts.

The Texas Supreme Court ruled against her, leading her to leave the state for the procedure.

The court’s decision came after a week of legal battles and threats from the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. (Trending: Hunter Biden’s Own Memoir Is Coming Back To Haunt Him In Criminal Trial)

The Center for Reproductive Rights, the group representing Cox, said in a statement, “After a week of legal whiplash and threats of persecution from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Kate Cox has been forced to leave Texas to get healthcare outside of the state.”

“Kate has been unable to get an abortion in Texas, even though her fetus has a fatal condition and continuing the pregnancy threatens her future fertility,” the organization continued.

“No one disputes that Ms. Cox’s pregnancy has been extremely complicated,” ruled the Texas Supreme Court.

“Any parents would be devastated to learn of their unborn child’s trisomy 18 diagnosis,” it continued.

Adding, “Some difficulties in pregnancy, however, even serious ones, do not pose the heightened risks to the mother the exception encompasses.”

Paxton’s office responded in their filing, “Rather, the only question is whether Ms. Cox’s condition meets the exception, regardless of how long the child is expected to live.”

The case highlights the impact of Texas’ restrictive abortion laws, which make narrow exceptions for the life of the mother but not for fetal anomalies.

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