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NRA Blasts ATF Rule: ‘Another Attempt To Demolish Our Second Amendment Rights’

via CBC News: The National
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The National Rifle Association (NRA) strongly criticized the ATF’s proposed rule, ATF2022R-17, which aims to redefine the term “dealer” in firearms transactions.

The NRA argued that the proposal would create confusion and potentially criminalize lawful gun owners.

The proposal is linked to the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act signed by President Biden, and has sparked widespread debate and opposition, including from the NRA and a coalition of 26 attorneys general. (Trending: Hunter Biden’s Own Memoir Is Coming Back To Haunt Him In Criminal Trial)

The NRA is committed to fighting the rule, while also emphasizing the need for law enforcement to focus on actual criminals rather than law-abiding gun owners.

“The Biden ATF’s proposed rule, ATF2022R-17, is just another attempt to demolish our Second Amendment rights, with the potential to unjustly criminalize everyday Americans for engaging in lawful firearm transactions,” NRA-ILA Executive Director Randy Kozuch stated.

“This rule blatantly disregards the recent NRA-backed Bruen ruling on the Second Amendment.”

“It also creates serious confusion among lawful gun owners who buy and sell firearms legally for various purposes, from collecting to self-defense.”

“If the Biden administration were truly committed to combating crime, they would focus on enforcing existing laws and reform their soft-on-crime policies, targeting actual criminals instead of law-abiding American gun owners,” Kozuch said.

“Many NRA members buy and sell firearms for various lawful purposes. Collectors buy and sell to enhance their collections. Competitive shooters buy and sell in search of a competitive advantage. And all exercise their right to buy and sell firearms, seeking arms that best fit their needs to defend themselves and their families. But their freedom to do so is hindered by ATF2022R-17 (the ‘proposed rule’) because it would create serious confusion about what firearm transactions can be conducted without first acquiring an FFL,” the NRA stated.

“The proposed rule is unconstitutional, violating the Second Amendment by making any individual who sells a firearm without a federal license liable to civil, administrative, or even criminal penalties,” Attorney General Austin Knudsen’s office wrote.

“In America, it should be legal for a family member to sell a firearm to another family member without risk of prosecution. But the exception is flawed,” the letter added.

“Reading the exception, one can conclude that if a family member sells another family member a firearm for as little as one dollar more than the original purchase price, that seller could be open to civil, administrative, or criminal liability.”

“That absurdity risks hurting innocent people and chilling law-abiding behavior.”

“NRA members appreciate Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen and the coalition of 26 attorneys general, who, unlike Joe Biden, are truly honoring their oath of office by actively fighting against this rule. The NRA is resolutely committed to fighting this ill-advised rule at every turn, safeguarding our constitutional rights from such blatant federal intrusion,” Kozuch said.

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