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Hunter Biden Slams House Probe, Skips Deposition Because Republicans ‘Dehumanize Me’

via NBC News

Hunter Biden arrived on Capitol Hill to hold a press conference and offer to testify publicly, rejecting the GOP’s closed-door deposition demand.

He criticized Republicans for invading his privacy, attacking his family, and belittling his recovery.

Biden maintained that his father had no financial involvement in his business and accused House Republicans of manipulating evidence and engaging in political interference. (Trending: LeBron James Shares Gun Advice For Americans)

“They belittled my recovery, and they have tried to dehumanize me, all to embarrass my father, who has devoted his entire life to public service,” Hunter Biden said.

“For six years I have been a target of the unrelenting Trump attack team. ‘Where’s Hunter?’ Well, here’s my answer. I am here.”

“No evidence to support that my father was financially involved in my business because it did not happen,” Biden added.

“Republicans have lied over and over about every aspect about my personal and professional life.”

“So much so, that the false facts are believed by too many people.”

“They have taken the light of my dad’s love for and presented it as darkness. They have no shame.”

“Yet here I am, Mr. Chairmen—taking up your offer…I’ve chosen,” he said.

“I am here to testify at a public hearing today to answer any of the committee’s legitimate questions.”

“Republicans do not want an open process where Americans can see their tactics, expose their baseless inquiry, or hear what I have to say.”

“What are they afraid of? I’m here. I’m ready,” Biden said.

House Republicans threatened contempt proceedings if Biden defied the subpoena.

They defended the subpoena as part of a serious investigation into public corruption.

“This is a normal process in an investigation,” Comer said.

“This has been a serious investigation since day one— an investigation about public corruption at the highest level.”

“And then we will be more than happy to have a public hearing,” Comer added.

“The way you get the facts is you bring people in for an interview behind closed doors,” Jordan said.

The House is expected to formalize the impeachment inquiry, and Republicans plan to move forward with contempt proceedings once that occurs.

“We think it is going to pass,” Jordan said. “We’ll see what their excuse is then.”

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