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Chinese Influence Is At The Center Of A Montana Election Feud

via Guardian News
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Tim Sheehy, a leading Republican Senate nominee in Montana, has sold stocks in companies with ties to the Chinese Communist Party before running a campaign focused on being tough on China.

Sheehy, a wealthy businessman and former Navy SEAL, has been vocal about China as a national security threat, contrasting himself with his opponent, Jon Tester.

Sheehy criticized his opponent in a campaign ad, saying, “politicians like Jon Tester talk tough on China. I’ve actually done something about the threats we face.”

Sheehy ran another ad, featuring dramatic music and footage of Chinese President Xi Jinping, with Sheehy warning that, “China is building a fierce military.”

“As your senator, I will take on foreign corporations and countries like China that rip us off and drive our prices down,” he said in a third ad.

Despite his strong anti-China stance, Sheehy’s investments include Chinese technology corporations and companies linked to the Chinese Communist Party.

He has pledged to put his assets into a blind trust if elected, addressing potential conflicts of interest.

Additionally, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, who has endorsed Sheehy, has taken steps to ban Chinese-owned social media platforms in the state.

TotalEnergies and the China National Offshore Oil Corp. are involved in a $10 billion project in Uganda and Tanzania.

Sheehy, a Republican Senate nominee, has criticized climate policies and Democrats, despite previously promoting his company’s role in the climate fight.

“Tim Sheehy is an American war hero who has honorably served our nation and put his life on the line repeatedly as a Navy SEAL,” wrote Sheehy’s spokesperson in a statement.

“He has lived the American Dream, created hundreds of Montana jobs, and his success means he can never be bought. That’s the conservative outsider we need to fight the swamp,” declared the spokesperson.

“What the liberal media wants to gloss over is the fact that Jon Tester got six times richer as a career politician hobnobbing with lobbyists in Washington for nearly two decades ― and that’s what’s wrong with our system. This is why Tim released an ethics plan to raise the bar for accountability in Washington,” promised the campaigner.

He has significant investments in financial institutions with ties to China.

Sheehy has also criticized his opponent, Tester, for accepting donations from Chinese-linked corporations.

“Two-faced Tester is at it again,” Sheehy wrote in a post on X.

Adding, “He likes ‘talking tough’ on China but not as much as he likes taking cash from Chinese companies buying up American farmland!”

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