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700+ MIT Alumni Rebuke Top Leadership For President’s Congressional Testimony

via CBS Evening News
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Hundreds of MIT alumni, particularly 700 Jewish alumni and allies, have criticized the school’s administration for supporting President Sally Kornbluth after her controversial congressional testimony.

They argue that her failure to address antisemitism has damaged MIT’s reputation and urge concrete actions, including consequences for rule violations, the establishment of an antisemitism-specific task force, and a public announcement regarding expulsion for advocating violence against civilians.

The alumni seek assurance that calls for genocide against Jewish students will be considered harassment and met with disciplinary action. (Trending: Tucker Carlson Reveals ‘Secret’ Project He’s Been Working On For Months)

The letter pointed to President Sally Kornbluth’s testimony in Washington, where she “implied that calls for genocide of Jews may not constitute bullying and harassment under MIT’s code of conduct, depending on context.”

“Exactly what kind of message was the MIT Corporation trying to send to the MIT community, and especially its Jewish members, with such a statement so at odds with the overwhelming majority of the public?” the letter presses.

“President Kornbluth’s failure to control antisemitism on MIT’s campus has distracted MIT’s students and administration from MIT’s core mission,” the alumni wrote.

“We are alarmed to observe MIT earning a national reputation for antisemitism on President Kornbluth’s watch, rather than for academic excellence, and joining a group of ignominious universities currently struggling with antisemitism on their campuses.”

“MIT’s public reputation affects its ability to attract the best students, faculty candidates, and corporate research partners for its scientific work.”

“Even in view of the disastrous congressional testimony by President Kornbluth, the executive board of the MIT Corporation chose to extend its full support to the President.”

“Notably, President Kornbluth was the only University president that did not issue any apology or clarification in response to the intense backlash to her Congressional testimony,” they wrote.

“We defy the MIT Corporation to find any other point of common agreement amongst these diverse public figures, or indeed any prominent public figure who found President Kornbluth’s testimony from December 5, 2023 to be acceptable,” they added.

The alumni pushed for the school to “enforce meaningful consequences for the individuals who violate MIT’s rules, create an antisemitism-specific task force on campus, and publicly announce that calls for violence against civilians is grounds for expulsion and amend the MIT Code of Conduct to include this if necessary.”

“We look forward to hearing about concrete actions that the MIT administration is taking to right this flailing ship and create a protected, supported, and safe environment for the entire MIT community without exception, and to reassure Jewish students that calls for their genocide are considered harassment at MIT and will be met with swift and meaningful disciplinary action,” they added.

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