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Why Giant Goldfish Are Storming America’s Great Lakes And Wreaking Havoc On Wildlife

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Goldfish, some measuring over a foot long, are increasingly found in freshwater lakes, posing a threat to native species and ecosystems.

The population explosion of these giant goldfish is attributed to pet owners releasing them into lakes and rivers, leading to their rapid growth.

Experts warn that this trend has negative implications for aquatic environments.
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“Honestly, I was in shock. I almost fell off my kayak,” Buffalo teacher Mike Loughran said.

“It’s just crazy to see something that, growing up, you go to the fair and you get a little goldfish in a bag. All of a sudden, you’re seeing one 14, 15 inches long,” he said.

“(The) goldfish have the potential to move greater distances than we anticipated, which has implications for invasion into new areas,” the study noted.

“There are literally millions of goldfish in the Great Lakes, if not tens of millions,” Dr. Nicholas Mandrak said.

“They are just people’s pets that have been washed out or people released into their local lakes and rivers and they keep growing, as long as they have food,” Dr. Prosanta Chakrabarty said.

Efforts to mitigate the impact include potential methods for reducing the goldfish population, such as using commercial nets.

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