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Patrick Mahomes Criticized For Going Ballistic After Loss

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After a tough loss to the Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes faced criticism for his reaction on the sidelines.

Upset about a crucial call against his team, Mahomes threw his helmet, complained to the opposing quarterback, and continued to express his frustration during a post-game press conference.

Fans and commentators condemned his behavior, arguing that the call was correct and that Mahomes should have directed his frustration towards his teammate who caused the penalty. (Trending: Tucker Carlson Reveals ‘Secret’ Project He’s Been Working On For Months)

“Wildest ——- call I’ve ever seen,” Mahomes can heard saying on the field.

“Offensive offsides on that play, man,” the Super Bowl champion continued.

“——- terrible,” he added.

“I mean, he [Toney] probably is barely offsides, but for the [referee] to take the game into his hands over a call like that, that doesn’t affect the play at all — at all, didn’t affect anything. I mean, it’s just tough,” said Mahomes to reporters.

“I lost a little respect for Patrick Mahomes,” wrote Sal Iacono.

“And I love that guy,” he emphasized.

“They called it twice last year, they called it 11 times this year — so they definitely call that,” said Iacono about the offsides call.

“Beyond insane thing to say to the opposing QB after the game,” wrote Sports By The Book’s Jeff Parles.

Some commentators also highlighted Mahomes’ usual composure and argued that his outburst was uncharacteristic.

“This is such a terrible look for Mahomes,” said ESPN’s Jake Asman.

Adding, “Funniest thing is that it was the right call too and he gets more calls going his way than anybody!”

“I get why super star QB Patrick Mahomes is upset, but he’s dead wrong,” wrote former NFL player Ryan Clark on social media.

“The officials weren’t,” he explained.

“Now in that moment would you rather an official not throw the flag? Hell ya, but it’s not their job to see in to the future & know that throwing this flag negates one of the greatest improv plays in football history away,” said Clark.

“Patrick is the ultimate teammate and has continually covered for his guys, & accepted accountability for so many things that aren’t his fault,” Clark continued.

“He finally cracked, & took out his frustrations on the officials,” said the former free safety.

“They didn’t deserve it but the wide outs that constantly cost this team games definitely do!” Clark exclaimed.

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