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Nikki Haley Agrees Trump Is ‘Fit’ To Be President

via NBC
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Nikki Haley, a Republican presidential candidate, believes former President Donald Trump is “fit” to serve again but not the “right” person for the job at this time.

She emphasized the need for new solutions and a focus on the future, rather than dwelling on past negativity and baggage.

Haley asserted that her views are not about loyalty but rather her honest opinions and what she believes is right for the country. (Trending: LeBron James Shares Gun Advice For Americans)

She also mentioned that her stance has drawn criticism from both anti-Trumpers and pro-Trumpers, as she aims to prioritize the country’s best interests.

“It’s not about fitness. I think he’s fit to be president. It’s ‘Should he be president?’ I don’t think he should be president. I thought he was the right president at the right time,” Haley said.

“We’ve got to look at the issues that we’re dealing with, coming forward with new solutions, not focusing on negativity and baggage of the past,” Haley added.

“So it’s not about being fit. It’s just I don’t think he’s the right person to be president.”

“Well, every time she criticizes me, she uncriticizes me about 15 minutes later,” Trump said.

“I guess she gets the base.”

“You know, anti-Trumpers don’t think I hate him enough and pro-Trumpers don’t think I love him enough. I call it like I see it,” she said.

“I’m not going to be 100% with him. I’m not going to be 100% against him. It’s not personal for me. This is about what’s right for the country,” Haley added.

“This is about how we’re going to lead. This is about the direction we should go. It’s not about the personal thoughts of an individual. It’s about the fact that we have a country to save.”

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