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Harvard Alum Billionaire Exposes School President For Real Reason Behind Hire

via CNBC Television

Billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman criticized Harvard’s hiring process, claiming that the school’s DEI initiative influenced the selection of its president.

He argued that this approach limits the pool of candidates and may not result in the best leaders for prestigious universities.

Ackman also likened the DEI era to McCarthyism, expressing concerns about free speech suppression and career-ending accusations. (Trending: LeBron James Shares Gun Advice For Americans)

“I learned from someone with first-person knowledge of the Harvard president search that the committee would not consider a candidate who did not meet the DEI office’s criteria,” Ackman wrote.

“The same was likely true for other elite universities doing searches at the same time, creating an even more limited universe of DEI-eligible presidential candidates,” Ackman added.

“Shrinking the pool of candidates based on required race, gender, and/or sexual orientation criteria is not the right approach to identifying the best leaders for our most prestigious universities,” he said.

“It is also not good for those awarded the office of president who find themselves in a role that they would likely not have obtained were it not for a fat finger on the scale.”

“I have been called brave for my tweets over the last few weeks. The same could be said for those called out Joseph McCarthy during the Red Scare,” Ackman said.

“I don’t think it will be long before we look back on the last few years of free speech suppression and the repeated career-ending accusations of racist for those who questioned the DEI movement,” he continued.

“We are all shortly going to realize that the DEI era is the McCarthy era Part II.”

“History rhymes, but it does not repeat.”

He demanded the resignation of certain university presidents and accused Harvard of failing to address antisemitism.

“In short, they said: It ‘depends on the context’ and ‘whether the speech turns into conduct,’ that is, actually killing Jews,” he said, adding that “this could be the most extraordinary testimony ever elicited in the Congress, certainly on the topic of genocide.”

Additionally, he called for the release of names of students associated with pro-terrorist groups.

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