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Hamas Committed Sexual Abuse, Psychological Torture, And Drugged Children

via Wall Street Journal

An Israeli doctor has reported instances of torture and abuse by Hamas terrorists against Israeli hostages, including sexual abuse, psychological torture, and forced medication with powerful drugs.

Dr. Renana Eitan, head psychiatrist at a Tel Aviv hospital, has treated 14 former hostages, some of whom were drugged with benzodiazepines and ketamine.

“The physical, sexual, mental, psychological abuse of these hostages who came back is just terrible,” Dr. Renana Eitan said. (Trending: Hunter Biden’s Own Memoir Is Coming Back To Haunt Him In Criminal Trial)

“We have to rewrite the textbook.”

“One of the girls was given ketamine for a few weeks,” she added.

Hostages also experienced psychological manipulation, including being falsely told about the death of loved ones.

Reports have also indicated differential treatment of Jewish hostages by Hamas.

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