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Google Accused Of Using AI To Know Every Detail Of Your Life

via Google on Youtube
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Google’s Project Ellmann is a new AI system aiming to deeply integrate with users’ personal data across devices and apps to create personalized biographies.

It plans to access various personal data, including search histories, photos, and potentially Google Wallet purchases.

This raises concerns about privacy and data security, echoing past controversies. (Trending: Hunter Biden’s Own Memoir Is Coming Back To Haunt Him In Criminal Trial)

The project builds on Google’s existing AI capabilities and aims to catch up with Gemini, its latest AI suite, which faced controversy after Google admitted to editing a demonstration video, leading to criticism about the authenticity of its capabilities.

According to The Verge, “Google introduced Gemini, its latest and most powerful AI suite, amidst high expectations and fanfare. However, the tech giant found itself in the center of a controversy when it confessed to editing a demonstration video of the AI system, which it admitted shortly after op-ed published by Bloomberg raised suspicions about the video’s authenticity.”

“The disputed video, presented as a hands-on demonstration, showcased Gemini’s multimodal capabilities, including spoken conversational prompts and image recognition. It depicted the AI recognizing images and responding to them in real-time, a feat that, if genuine, would have marked a significant advancement in AI technology,” continued the outlet.

Bloomberg’s Parmy Olson said, “That’s quite different from what Google seemed to be suggesting: that a person could have a smooth voice conversation with Gemini as it watched and responded in real-time to the world around it.”

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