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California Democrat Blasts Leaders For Failed Policies: ‘You Have To Give Me A Reason To Vote For You Again’

via Fox News
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Ryan Baggaley, owner of Delta Construction and Electric Co., criticized L.A. Mayor Karen Bass, Governor Gavin Newsom, and President Joe Biden for failing to protect his business from a recent break-in.

Baggaley, who voted for the Democrats, expressed frustration as his neighborhood experienced multiple robberies.

Surveillance footage captured 10-15 thieves breaking into his building, stealing music equipment and tools. (Trending: Tucker Carlson Reveals ‘Secret’ Project He’s Been Working On For Months)

Despite being notified by his Ring system, police took two hours to respond.

“This whole strip has been broken into, our neighbors have been broken into four times, these guys just got broken into two months ago,” Baggaley said.

“What are we supposed to do? We’re a small construction company.”

“I voted for Karen Bass. I voted for Biden. I voted for Gavin Newsom. I’m sick of it,” Baggaley said.

“At some point you have to give me a reason to vote for you again.”

“We just do our jobs, make a living, help our employees make a good living, and move on, but it’s really freaking difficult to survive,” Baggaley added.

“They’re saying, ‘We don’t have anyone in the area,’” Baggaley told local news.

“We’re like, ‘Now it’s been 15 minutes, then it’s 20 minutes and they’re still not here.’ It just kept going and they didn’t respond for two hours.”

This incident occurred despite the city’s launch of a task force to combat organized theft.

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