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Anti-Woke Beer Launches Partnership With Conservative Stars

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Conservative commentator Seth Weathers launched “Ultra Right Beer” in response to Anheuser-Busch’s Bud Light controversy involving a transgender influencer.

The beer brand released a “Real Women of America” 2024 calendar featuring conservative women, aiming to counter “woke” culture and transgender ideology.

The calendar includes prominent conservative figures and has sparked both support and criticism.

Weathers clarified that the calendar is not meant to discredit transwomen but to celebrate the beauty of conservative women.

The Bud Light brand suffered a significant decline after its partnership with the transgender influencer, leading to a loss in market value and the resignation of its US Chief Marketing Officer.

‘Ultra Right Beer,’ the brainchild of conservative commentator Seth Weathers, was birthed in the fires of controversy that consumed Anheuser-Busch’s Bud Light in early 2024 when an ad campaign featuring so-called Transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney cratered the lager’s popularity. And just in time for Christmas the beer maker has doubled down on its stance against ‘woke’ culture and the pervasive imposition of transgender ideology with its “Real Women of America” 2024 Calendar featuring College Swimmer and Women’s Advocate Riley Gaines.

As reported by The American Tribune, Weathers’ anti-woke brand is approaching a million dollars in sales and announced the promotional calendar aimed at celebrating beautiful conservative women.

According to, “Conservative Dad’s Real Women of America Calendar is a celebration of conservative women who are fighting woke extremists to preserve real women. 10% of sales will be donated to the Riley Gaines Center to protect women’s sports from extreme leftist ideology seeking to destroy real women. Featuring the most beautiful conservative women in America…”

The list of featured conservative luminary ladies includes Gaines, Dana Loesch, Kim Klacik, The Babylon Bee’s Ashley St. Clair, Blaze TV’s Sara Gonzales, Josie The Redheaded Libertarian of X fame, former Congressional candidate Catalina Lauf, President of the Tampa Bay Young Republicans Brittany Jean, Conservative Tiktok influencer Bethany Bartlett, and OANN Executive Producer Peyton Drew. Several of the ladies shared sneak peeks via X.

Bartlett shared a video to X announcing her partnership on the Calendar with the comment, “Conservative Dads @ultrarightbeer beer has brought us back to the good old days! When beer companies made calendars with hot chicks in them! The days before crazy liberal feminists bitched about objectification!! Can I get an amen!”

Describing the promotional calendar Weathers told Fox Business,

“This calendar is in no way intended to discredit transwomen… because there is no such thing as a ‘transwoman.’ We’ve reached incredibly stupid times when it’s ‘controversial’ to say men can’t be women. This calendar will serve as a reminder, men can never replace the beautiful women of America.”

The calendar is designed to be a loving homage to the heyday of ‘the pinup’ when men would look forward to monthly calendar inserts in prominent magazines to appreciate the beauty of the feminine form.

Bud Light, the most popular beer in America for years, and was suddenly, brutally dethroned in the Mulvaney scandal, is yet to recover with Benoit Garbe, the company’s US Chief Marketing Officer resigning in October as previously reported by Trending Politics. Garbe presided over a 13.5% decline in Anheuser-Busch’s U.S. third-quarter revenue with a devastating $27 Billion in market value evaporating as of June following the fateful decision to partner with Mulvaney

Reportedly Mulvaney saw a hefty $185,000 payday from Bud Light in May 2023 in the campaign led by Vice President of Marketing Alissa Heinerscheid who openly insulted the beer’s traditional customer base saying the brand was “fratty, kind of out of touch.” Heinerscheid would later take a leave of absence and was subsequently fired.

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