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Putin Presses Israeli Prime Minister On Gaza Conflict

via Global News
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Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed concern over the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip during a call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Putin reiterated Russia’s stance against terrorism and emphasized the need to avoid severe consequences for civilians during efforts to combat terrorist threats.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu rebuked Putin for alleged cooperation with Hamas and Iran, expressing dissatisfaction with Russia’s positions at the UN and other forums. (Trending: Top Democrat Loses In Historic Landslide)

“The conversation focused on the situation in the zone of the Palestinian-Isreli conflict and, in particular, on the catastrophic humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip,” Russia’s TASS reported.

“Vladimir Putin reiterated the principled position of rejecting and condemning terrorism in all of its manifestations.”

“Along with that, it is extremely important to ensure that efforts against terrorist threats do not entail such severe consequences for the civilian population.”

“The Prime Minister expressed his dissatisfaction with the positions expressed against Israel by Russian representatives at the UN and in other forums,” The Israeli readout stated.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed sharp criticism of the dangerous cooperation between Russia and Iran.”

“The Prime Minister emphasized that any country that had been struck with a criminal terrorist assault such as Israel experienced would have reacted with no less force than Israel is using.”

“Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed his appreciation of the Russian effort to release an Israeli citizen with Russian citizenship and said that Israel would use all means, diplomatic and military alike, to free all of our hostages.”

“The Prime Minister also requested that Russia apply pressure on the Red Cross regarding visits and the delivery of medicines for our hostages.”

The Israeli Prime Minister also requested Russian pressure on the Red Cross for the delivery of medicines for Israeli hostages.

This conversation comes amidst strained relations between the two countries due to Russia’s actions in Ukraine and its cooperation with Iran during the conflict.

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