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Dr. Phil Condemns American Universities As ‘Liberal Woke Hotbeds Fostering’ Antisemitism

via CNN
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Dr. Phil McGraw criticized university leaders for their response to antisemitism following the October 7 terrorist attack on Israel.

He condemned their refusal to acknowledge calling for the genocide of Jews as bullying and harassment, highlighting the lack of proper context needed for such actions.

Dr. Phil emphasized the need to protect Jewish students and questioned the leaders’ approach if other groups were targeted similarly. (Trending: Hunter Biden’s Own Memoir Is Coming Back To Haunt Him In Criminal Trial)

“To be 100% clear, using the dictionary definition of genocide, the question becomes, does calling for the deliberate killing of a large number of Jews with the aim of destroying the Jewish ethnic group and the nation of Israel violate your policy against bullying and harassment?” explained Dr. Phil.

“How much context would be required if the student organizations were demonstrating in support of genocide of all Asians, Catholics, blacks or gays?” asked McGraw after hearing the testimonies.

“‘I’ll tell you how much: none,” he exclaimed.

“And you know what? There should be none. All of these groups deserve protection and the right to attend school without fear, and so do the Jewish students,” he continued.

“The sexual assaults perpetrated on the women and girls were so sick and twisted as to defy explanation,” he said.

He also mentioned witnessing the IDF video showing atrocities committed by Hamas, expressing deep shock and condemning the acts.

“These were not acts of war; they were mass murdering cowards, high on the drug Captagon, while they celebrated and tallied up their kills like they were in a drunken bar game on a Saturday night,” recounted the talk show host.

“I was so sickened by video images I can never unsee what was done to babies in cribs and young girls begging for their lives. I am changed forevermore,” he added.

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