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Comer: DOJ Indicted Hunter to Protect Joe Biden

via ProPublica on Youtube

Rep. James Comer expressed his belief that Hunter Biden’s indictment on federal tax counts was intended to protect President Joe Biden.

Comer suggested that the indictment is likely a tactic to prevent Hunter Biden from being deposed in the House Oversight Committee.

He also raised concerns about the Bidens’ loans and potential additional crimes.
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Comer emphasized the seriousness of the situation and the potential implications for the presidency.

“What he got charged with, with that indictment last night, that had nothing to do with all of the so-called loans that the Bidens have taken,” Comer pressed.

“We’ve identified, it appears, with the president’s son and brother, over $14 million in loans where it doesn’t look like they made any payments on, principal or interest. And what point do those loans, if you’re not going to pay ’em back, become income?”

“So, we think this is just the tip of the iceberg. We think there’s many more crimes,” he added.

“And my concern is that Weiss may have indicted Hunter Biden to protect him from having to be deposed in the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper sarcastically responded, “Ah, yes, yes. He indicted him to protect him. Yess the classic rubric. He indicted him to protect him. I got it.”

“Well, look, this whole thing Jake, you know, this whole thing’s been about a coverup. You know you’ve got two serious -” Comer began.

Tapper interjected, “That’s why he indicted him, to protect him? To cover it up?”

“Look, you indict him on the least little thing, the gun charge and not paying taxes,” Comer responded.

Tapper said, “He’s facing like 17 additional years in prison. These are felonies.”

“Yeah, but look at what he’s done,” Comer pressed.

“Anybody else in America would already be in prison. He may owe $7 or $8 million if the loans are fraudulent, a loan means you’ll pay it back.”

“Look, at the end of the day, this money is coming from bad people around the world. Why are they paying Hunter Biden? We believe that it’s because they want a direct access to Joe Biden.”

“I don’t think that any American would want a president that’s compromised to our biggest enemy in the world, China.”

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