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Arab Citizens Distraught After Watching Hamas’ Videos

via CBS Mornings
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A group of Arabs from the Middle East and North Africa, part of the organization Sharaka, were deeply disturbed after viewing 47 minutes of Hamas’s atrocities at the Israeli consulate in Boston.

The footage showed over 120 bodies, including children, and depicted beheadings, arson, and shootings.

The delegates were emotionally affected, with many in tears and one man having to leave. (Trending: Top Democrat Loses In Historic Landslide)

They expressed shock and disbelief at the brutality, with one member comparing Hamas to ISIS.

“I was shocked — I couldn’t breathe,” Fatema Al Harbi said.

“I cried most of it.”

“I thought I saw enough on social media,” said Al Harbi.

“There were more horrific acts and barbaric acts towards civilians — people sleeping in their beds.”

“I thought the worst I’ve seen in my life is what ISIS has done in Iraq and Syria,” Rawan Osman said.

“I have never imagined saying I’ve seen something worse.”

“They were so joyful and cheering over dead bodies and they were parading bodies without clothes,” Muslim Al Harbi said.

“That’s not the Islam that I knew my whole life.”

“I’m a mother and I could relate to the fear, the dread the father and the children were feeling,” Osama said.

“The moment the boys realize that their father has been killed and the way the terrorists react to that, they’re just pushing them around, like move on.”

“I think his childhood ended that moment,” Osman pressed.

“I couldn’t contain myself, I had to go out,” Youssef Elazhari from Morocco stated.

“I’ve seen most of the videos, but seeing them all together gets to you. I had to change the air and cry a bit.”

“I know how happy people are at these types of events and how much they want to be with their community that is full of love,” Elazhari said.

“But Hamas just wanted to kill them without even knowing who they are.

“In Morocco, Palestine is considered a noble cause but they don’t know who they are championing, they don’t know s—,” he added.

“Hamas killed people and took hostages. That’s just telling the Israelis ‘come to my house and look for them,’” he said.

“Hamas has no concept of failure: if you kill someone it’s glory, if you die, it’s also glory. There’s just no end.”

Despite the graphic nature of the video, they are committed to advocating for peace and against Hamas.

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