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Angry Parents Erupt After Transgender Contestant Wins Girl’s Irish Dancing Competition

via KARE 11
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A transgender teenage boy won first place in the under-14 category at an Irish dancing competition, displacing a girl.

This event has sparked concerns about the inclusion of biological males in female sports.

Similar instances, such as a trans swimmer’s success in women’s events, have raised questions about fairness and safety in sports. (Trending: Tucker Carlson Reveals ‘Secret’ Project He’s Been Working On For Months)

“My daughter was in absolute tears,” said a mother of a girl who competed against the biological male.

“She was like, ‘This is so unfair.’ I totally agree,” she continued.

“Oh, my gosh. It’s going to make me cry,” another parent said.

“I never thought I was going to have to deal with this. And my heart breaks for my daughter and the other girls that are having to deal with this,” they continued.

“They are too young to have to deal with topics that are going on in society, that are adult topics, that they don’t quite comprehend yet.”

“They just look at it as unfair,” the mother added.

“And it’s really hard to explain to them what’s going on and why they have to accept it. That’s what society’s making them do. As a mom, I want to be an advocate for my daughter. But at the same time, I have to protect my family,” explained the upset parent.

Advocates argue that separating sports by sex is crucial to protect women and girls from losing opportunities and facing potential physical harm.

“Not only do women have to worry about losing out on opportunities and being exploited in locker rooms, allowing men into women’s sports also puts girls at greater risk of injury,” said Riley Gaines to Congress.

“In September of last year, North Carolina volleyball player Payton McNabb suffered serious injury after a trans-identified male player spiked a ball at her head, rendering her unconscious. Payton experienced extensive trauma to her head and neck and long-term concussion symptoms,” continued the activist.

Adding, “Still to this day, a year and three-ish months later, she is still partially paralyzed on her right side, her vision is impaired, and she isn’t playing college sports, like she had dreamed of.”

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