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Al Gore Attributes Health Issues To Climate Crisis

via New York Times Events
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Al Gore expressed concern about a global mental health crisis among young people due to the lack of progress in solving the climate crisis.

When asked about the potential re-election of President Trump, Gore highlighted the need for political action to address the challenges facing democracy and climate change.

He emphasized the importance of making the right political choices to enable effective solutions to the climate crisis and other challenges. (Trending: US State Unveils Controversial ‘Gender Neutral’ Laws)

“It does look like the 2024 election will come down to President Biden versus former President Trump, and I’m wondering what you think the world would look like under President Trump being re-elected, which is a possibility, not only when it comes to the climate but also when it comes to democracy,” said CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“Well, I saw the other day where he pledged to be a dictator on day one, and you kind of wonder what it will take for people to believe him when he tells us who he is,” Gore said.

“And, you know, the solution to political despair is political action.”

“And for those in the Republican Party and in the Democratic Party and Independents who love American democracy and who want to preserve our capacity to govern ourselves and solve our problems, now is the time to get active.”

“There is a mental health crisis around the world. I think that one of the main reasons for that is that young people look at the fact that we are not yet solving the climate crisis or dealing with some of the other challenges.”

“We heard the word thrown around polycrisis. Well, solving the climate crisis is a poly-solution.”

“We know what we need to do, and we have the means to do it, and we have to make sure that we make the right political choices in our democracy to enable ourselves to make the right choices.”

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