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Chinese Fleet Harassing US Ally, Ship Rammed

via The Telegraph on Youtube
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The Chinese coast guard targeted Philippine vessels at the Second Thomas Shoal in the South China Sea, leading to damage and endangering Filipino crew members.

The Philippines and the United States condemned the actions, which included water cannon blasts and ramming of ships.

China defended its actions, claiming sovereignty rights. (Trending: US State Unveils Controversial ‘Gender Neutral’ Laws)

“We condemn, once again, China’s latest unprovoked acts of coercion and dangerous maneuvers against a legitimate and routine Philippine rotation and resupply mission to Ayungin Shoal that has put the lives of our people at risk,” a Philippine government task force stated.

“The systematic and consistent manner in which the People’s Republic of China carries out these illegal and irresponsible actions puts into question and significant doubt the sincerity of its calls for peaceful dialogue,” it said.

“We demand that China demonstrate that it is a responsible and trustworthy member of the international community.”

“The responsibility lies entirely with the Philippine side,” the Chinese coast guard said.

“We sternly warn the Philippines to immediately cease its infringing actions … and strictly control its provocations on the front line so as not to drop a stone on its own foot.”

“The U.S. stands with the Philippines and partners in vehemently condemning the PRC’s repeated illegal and dangerous actions against vessels,” U.S. Ambassador MaryKay L. Carlson wrote.

“The Philippines will not be deterred from exercising our legal rights over our maritime zones,” the Philippine government task force said.

The incident is part of a long-standing territorial dispute, with tensions escalating and foreign diplomats condemning China’s behavior.

This event reflects ongoing tensions in the South China Sea and the struggle for control over disputed territories.

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