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Woke Billionaire LeBron James Thinks He Knows the Problem With Gun Free Zones

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LeBron James called for more gun control following a recent handgun attack at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

He expressed frustration at the lack of change despite repeated incidents of gun violence, emphasizing the ease of obtaining firearms and the continued loss of innocent lives.

However, he did not provide specific examples of how firearm purchasing has become easier. (Trending: Democrat Accused Of Blocking Release of Jeffrey Epstein Flight Logs)

“It just goes back to what I said before about guns in America,” James said.

“I think it’s such a longer conversation, but we keep dealing with the same story, this same conversation every single time it happens, and it just continues to happen.”

“The ability to get a gun, the ability to do these things over and over and over, and there’s been no change is literally ridiculous.”

“It makes no sense that we continue to lose innocent lives, on campuses, schools, at shopping markets and movie theaters and all type of stuff. It’s ridiculous.”

“The fact that we haven’t changed anything — it’s actually been easier to be able to own a firearm. … It’s stupid.”

The university’s gun-free policy was highlighted, pointing out that despite being a gun-free zone, the attack still occurred, prompting the assertion that a gun-free zone equals 100 percent gun control.

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