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Wife Of Former US Senator Facing Revolt From Staff Over Anti-Israel Bias At UN Agency

via CBS
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The U.N. World Food Programme and its chief, Cindy McCain, faced accusations of bias against Israel during the country’s conflict with Hamas.

Former National Security Council member Richard Goldberg criticized the organization for allegedly aligning with a pro-Hamas stance.

McCain was accused of not calling for a cease-fire and attending an event honoring the Israel Defense Forces, leading to claims of neutrality violations. (Trending: Biden Bank Records Reveal Another Massive Bombshell)

According to the Devex report, a representative for WFP’s Cairo office accused McCain of failing to urge a cease-fire and not articulating “alarm at the potential use of food as a weapon of war.”

“I did sign the cease-fire. I was with everyone else, all the other U.N. agencies,” contended McCain.

Goldberg said, “Where was Cindy McCain to condemn Hamas for breaking the cease-fire last week? Where is McCain’s call for Hamas to surrender to end the conflict quickly or to demand Egypt open its border to help the agency fulfill its mission?”

“It’s sad to see her succumb to internal pro-Hamas pressure,” he continued.

Lior Haiat, the spokesperson for Israel’s Foreign Ministry, responded that, “U.N. employees are supposed to be objective and impartial.”

“It is unacceptable that the national identity of U.N. workers will dictate the policies of U.N. organizations. This illustrates the deep need for reform in the U.N., for more diversity in its employees,” said the spokesperson.

According to Devex, WFP employees told McCain “Your attendance was a clear breach of neutrality, a principle that is enshrined in the international civil service and WFP’s code of conduct.”

McCain reportedly replied that she, “sat on the sidelines” of the award event, and “was there merely as a woman who was married to my late husband for 40 years and who supports his legacy. That is all. I remain neutral.”

The U.S. State Department commended WFP’s humanitarian efforts but emphasized the need for impartiality.

A State Department spokesperson wrote in a statement, “The U.N. World Food Program has played a crucial role in the international community’s efforts to respond to global food insecurity, and the United States, as its largest contributor, is deeply invested in its continuing success.”

“The United States commends WFP’s efforts to assist civilian victims of this conflict, including staff on the ground putting their lives at risk to provide life-saving aid under the most challenging circumstances,” continued the agency.

Adding, “At the same time, we expect, have urged, and will continue to demand that U.N. agencies review any allegations of bias, investigate them, and take corrective action when needed.”

Israel’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson highlighted the importance of objectivity in U.N. organizations.

The controversy sheds light on the perceived bias within the U.N. and its need for reform.

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