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CNN Pundit Says Joe Biden Deserves To Be On Mount Rushmore

via 60 Minutes
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CNN political contributor Van Jones suggested adding President Joe Biden’s face to Mount Rushmore, claiming Biden is revered by Democrats for his “accomplishments.”

“If Joe Biden were to quit right now, he’d be on Mount Rushmore,” Jones said.

This proposal was met with heavy criticism, including mockery from Brent Scher and Rep. Harriet Hageman’s reference to a report about Biden seeking to house illegal aliens in national parks. (Trending: Biden Bank Records Reveal Another Massive Bombshell)

“Lol @VanJones68 just said Joe Biden would be on the Mount Rushmore of Democratic presidents based on achievements…citing his work on anti-Asian hate In case you were wondering why nobody watches @CNN” Scher posted.

“As if Biden’s border crisis isn’t bad enough, this administration is now seeking to convert our National Parks, America’s most cherished natural treasures and historical sites, into tent cities for illegal aliens,” Hageman said.

“Such actions not only debase our national heritage, but blatantly violate numerous federal statutes, including those governing management and protection of our national parks, NEPA and the Administrative Procedure Act.”

“How bad is this latest move to convert our national parks to ungovernable tent cities?”

“While Wyoming’s effort to prevent catastrophic wildfires destroying our national forests are met with intensive scrutiny from the unelected bureaucrats in this administration, president Biden is categorically exempting the housing of thousands of individuals in our national parks from any type of environmental review.”

Despite Jones’ assertion, Biden’s approval ratings, especially among demographic groups like college graduates, Black and Latino Americans, and different age groups, have dropped significantly.

Jones’ opinion comes amid criticism of Jones for his positions on law enforcement, the Israel-Hamas War, and disbelief at Biden losing support from Black voters.

CNN’s most recent polling showed that “fewer than half in most demographic groups now approve of his job performance, including college graduates (48%), Black Americans (47%), Latino Americans (42%), those 45 or older (41%), those younger than 45 (33%), White Americans (33%) and those without college degrees (31%).” His approval has fallen from over 80% among Democrats to 72% and 63% among self-described liberals.

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