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Analysts Say Hunter Biden Indictment Is ‘Nuclear Bomb’ With President Stuck In ‘Trap’

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The indictment of Hunter Biden is set to have major implications on the reputation of his father, President Joe Biden.

The indictment accuses Hunter Biden of tax evasion, raising questions about the President’s knowledge of his son’s business dealings, which evidence has made clear is the case.

Legal experts and analysts suggest that the situation is likely to become a political trap for President Biden, as his denials have been contradicted by evidence. (Trending: Hunter Biden Indicted on 9 New Criminal Charges)

“I think a lot of people felt … that David Weiss was going to let these charges skate and Hunter Biden would never be held accountable for making millions of dollars overseas. And a lot of people will say that was inappropriate,” former Rep. Sean Duffy said.

“I mean, basically [Biden is] saying ‘I did not have interactions with those people’,” George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley said.

“It didn’t work for Clinton. And it’s even more insulting here,” he added.

“But what the president is facing is a trap of his own making. He ran for office promising, assuring, the American people that he had no knowledge of these transactions,” he said.

“That has been directly contradicted. Hunter Biden himself contradicted his father on that. But you have Hunter’s close associate saying that that’s absolute nonsense, that, of course, he knew.”

“So, [Joe is] in this, this sort of frozen-in-amber with a story that he cannot possibly maintain,” he added.

The greatest impact may be that which shows up in the upcoming election, as the public’s perception of the Biden family worsens.

“The other part of this is regardless [of whether] Joe Biden is completely untainted by any of this in any sort of legal sense or in any sort of business sense, which I would be highly skeptical of – but even if that were the case, he still has lied to the American people about it over and over and over again,” editor Charles Hurt said.

“Judge Noreika made sure that this was not all covered up by a deal that made no sense,” Harvard Law Professor-Emeritus Alan Dershowitz said.

“I predicted on your show and other shows that Judge Noriega would not accept the deal. I was trashed for it by many academics, by CNN, by many other media – But she did the right thing.”

“She sent it back. And the result has been now much more information coming out to the American public.”

“Because if it becomes just an impeachment concern – then half the country won’t believe it; half the country will. The same thing happened with Trump. But if there’s a special counsel who’s credible and who can get to the bottom of this and either clear President Biden or accuse President Biden, I think the American public will,” Dershowitz concluded.

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