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Trump Delivers Terrifying Statement About Being A ‘Dictator’ During A Potential Second Term

via C-SPAN
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Former President Donald Trump hinted at potential abuse of power and retaliation against political enemies if reelected during a town hall event with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Trump’s remarks about acting like a “dictator” on “day one” raised concerns, especially following his recent appearances and comments targeting opponents.

Despite leading in potential match-ups against President Joe Biden, his rhetoric has sparked worry about his appeal to the far-right and his pledge to oust political enemies. (Trending: Elon Musk Condemns Arrest Of Jan 6 Protester)

“Do you in any way have any plans whatsoever if reelected president to abuse power, to break the law, to use the government to go after people?” Hannity asked.

“You mean like they’re using right now?” Trump jabbed.

“The media has been focused on this and attacking you: Under no circumstances, you are promising America tonight, you would never abuse power as retribution against anybody,” said Hannity.

“Except for day one,” Trump said.

“Meaning?” Hannity pressed.

“I want to close the border, and I want to drill, drill, drill,” Trump responded.

“That’s not retribution,” Hannity clarified.

“He says: ‘You’re not going to be a dictator are you?’” Trump said. “I said no, no, no, other than day one. We’re closing the border and we’re drilling, drilling, drilling. After that I’m not a dictator.”

“The threat from outside forces is far less sinister, dangerous and grave than the threat from within,” Trump said recently, labeling those against him “vermin” who should be “rooted out.”

These comments have drawn comparisons to fascist dictators, and critics have expressed concerns about the extent to which Republicans in Congress have been co-opted.

“He’s told us what he will do. It’s very easy to see the steps that he will take,” Liz Cheney said.

“People who say ‘Well, if he’s elected, it’s not that dangerous because we have all of these checks and balances’ don’t fully understand the extent to which the Republicans in Congress today have been co-opted.”

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