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Democrats Told To Ignore Their ‘Anger’ Towards Biden And Just Vote For Him

via CNBC Television
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President Biden is refraining from campaigning in New Hampshire’s Democratic primary to avoid potential embarrassment, as the state is traditionally the first in the presidential nominating contest.

New Hampshire’s significance lies in serving as a test for an incumbent president facing electoral challenges.

A New York Times poll revealed Trump’s lead over Biden in key battleground states, with concerns raised about Biden’s support among young voters. (Trending: Elon Musk Condemns Arrest Of Jan 6 Protester)

According to The Los Angeles Times, “To avoid the sting of humiliation, Democratic elected officials, party leaders and activists have spent the past several weeks encouraging voters to write in Biden’s name on the New Hampshire ballot, firmly ensconcing the incumbent president in a contest that’s no longer supposed to matter.”

“Mr. Biden has just a 76-20 lead among young voters either registered as Democrats or who have previously voted in a Democratic primary,” wrote New York Times Chief Political Analyst Nate Cohn.

“It’s just a 69-24 lead among young nonwhite Democrats,” he continued.

Adding, “The dissent exists among self-identified Democrats, Democratic-leaners, Biden ’20 voters, and so on.”

Dante Scala, a political science professor said, “For Biden, in some ways I think he would rather see the whole primary go by as quietly as possible.”

“There are really large concerns about Biden’s age and so forth among Democrats, no question about it. If there was a serious alternative, it would be a different sort of race,” he explained.

Former state Democratic Party chair Kathy Sullivan reportedly said, “You have to put aside your anger and frustration at the process and say, ‘What’s the best way of keeping Trump out of the White House, or some other MAGA-type person?”

“That’s to reelect Joe Biden,'” proclaimed Sullivan.

“He’s our guy and he’s done a good job,” added Democratic insider.

“One thing you hear a lot from the write-in Biden people is don’t cut your nose off to spite your face,” disclosed Sullivan.

“This is about the future of our democracy, the future of our country, so suck it up and do what the best thing is for the country, the best thing is for democracy and, frankly, the best thing is for the New Hampshire primary,” insisted The party chair.

Despite some opposition and frustration, there are calls to support Biden for the greater good of the country and democracy.

The Biden campaign did not provide a comment on the matter.

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