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Union Workers At Jeff Bezo’s WaPo Plan Walkout As Insiders Question Billionaire Owner’s Role

via CNN
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Unionized workers at The Washington Post are staging a 24-hour walkout over stalled contract negotiations, prompting questions about the involvement of owner Jeff Bezos.

The protest reflects frustration over minimum salaries, job cuts, and the company’s approach to negotiations.

Some believe Bezos should intervene due to the financial situation, while others feel his role should remain hands-off. (Trending: Elon Musk Condemns Arrest Of Jan 6 Protester)

“[The] question is, what options are left?” an insider said.

“You have a very frustrated workforce, with a lot of uncertainty and some… turmoil bubbling beneath and above the surface.”

“The company had earlier proposed November 30 but the guild said they were unavailable,” a spokesperson for the Post stated.

“The guild later came back to say they were available on November 30 if the company desired to meet. We responded to let them know we didn’t see a reason to meet but were available to answer questions.”

“We left it to the guild to schedule a meeting and they did not respond,” the spokesperson added.

“Bezos is so rich that none of this is mandatory. He’s acting like a conventional businessman running a conventional business. But is he, and are we?” the insider stated.

“No one likes to lose money, of course. But the fact is, based on his net worth ($171 billion, according to Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index), he could absorb $100 million in annual losses *literally* for the next 1,500 years. Obviously, he’s choosing NOT to do so for even two years.”

“So, what are we then? An organization that has some value beyond what it can produce on the bottom line? Or just another business, subject to the same harsh financial discipline as any business? His actions suggest the answer is the latter,” they added.

“He’s the owner, not the CEO,” another insider said.

“He’s probably provided general guidance and maybe a bottom line on what to spend. But details are left to others.”

“He’s a pretty hands-off owner.”

“He plays no role in news coverage and that’s what’s most important. If he started meddling in pay and management issues, he might get involved in news and editorial as well,” the insider pressed.

The company disputes claims of no progress in negotiations.

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