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NY Sheriff Sounds Alarm On Migrants, Warns Cartels ‘Thrive In Our Very Own Backyards’

via MyNBC5-WPTZ on Youtube
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The elected sheriff of Clinton County, David Favro, is set to address Congress about the surge in illegal migrants crossing the northern border with Canada, leading to increased criminal activities and straining emergency management in rural communities.

He emphasizes the impact on local resources and law enforcement due to the influx of migrants, staffing shortages, language barriers, and the lack of preparedness for the harsh northern climate.

Favro also highlights the challenges faced by 911 call centers and the relocation of migrants to areas with limited resources. (Trending: Trump Announces Major Promise For 2024)

“Under the current administration’s policies, the discretionary approach to border security and immigration laws allows criminals and cartels to thrive in our very own backyards,” reads Favro’s prepared notes.

“The ongoing crisis, exacerbated by the expiration of Title 42, poses substantial threat to the security of local communities,” he continues.

Adding, “These communities find themselves neglected and left to rely solely on local and state resources to address this crisis, without any concrete plan by the Secretary of Homeland Security to address these impacts.”

“The Border Crisis significantly strains Emergency Management in our small rural community. A notable surge in transient population, funneled through a small rural community whose residents are primarily native to the area, raises concerns and has led to an uptick in emergency response calls,” wrote Favro in advance.

“Responding to reports of ‘strangers’ on private property may tie up one or two units, impacting our ability to address other safety needs,” he explains.

“Adding to the complexity, high-speed vehicle pursuits involving migrants are on the rise,” wrote Favro.

“A recent incident caused bodily injuries and property damage in what resulted as the busiest traffic point in our small rural county. This highlights the need for urgent attention to the Border Crisis’ impact on our emergency capabilities and calls for strategic solutions to protect our community and law enforcement resources.”

Additionally, the chairman, Rep. Anthony D’Esposito, expresses concerns about the strain on state and city resources due to housing illegal immigrants and the potential impact on public safety and emergency management.

“People come to the United States because they want safety and opportunity,” reads D’Esposito’s prepared notes.

“However, the Biden administration’s inability to secure the southwest border and discourage illegal immigration has encouraged millions of migrants to take advantage of city resources, which is negatively impacting local communities,” continues the lawmaker.

“As a result, first responders and emergency managers are strained, making our own communities less safe. We should all be concerned about its impact on the future of America,” continues the statement.

“I look forward to discussing these challenges and hearing more about what Congress can do to support our brave first responders in these chaotic times,” reads D’Esposito’s expected remarks.

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