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MTG Alleges Male Republican Colleague Got Physically Aggressive With Her

via The Daily Show
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A recent report alleges that Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene accused fellow Republican Rep. Richard McCormick of being physically aggressive towards her during a meeting.

McCormick claims it was a friendly gesture misinterpreted, while Greene disagreed with his account.

The incident occurred after House Republicans supported McCormick’s resolution over Greene’s. (Trending: Tucker Reveals The Moment He Became A Full-Blown Trump Supporter)

“I understand why there would be a lot of raw emotions following the censure vote given that her censure was tabled and mine passed. My intention was to encourage Rep. Greene by making a friendly gesture,” McCormick stated.

“I said to her, ‘at least we can have an honest discussion,’ to which she said she did not appreciate that. For that I immediately apologized and have not spoken to her since,” he said.

“Republicans refuse to impeach any of the Democrats who are responsible for destroying our country and have so far thrown out a Republican Speaker and now expelled a Republican member,” Greene wrote.

“We now have a 3 seat majority and have another Republican resigning soon, and will have a 2 seat majority, as long as every Republican shows up when we are in session.”

“Republican voters want us to stop the communist Democrat’s agenda and hold Democrats accountable, NOT destroy our majority and do nothing to hold Democrats accountable. Shameful!!” she posted.

Greene expressed frustration with fellow Republicans and their failure to hold Democrats accountable.

She criticized their actions and expressed disappointment in their performance, reflecting a broader disillusionment with the Republican party’s effectiveness.

“I’m not having relationship problems. I feel like a Republican voter. That is where my mindset is. I’m tired of being let down by Republicans in Washington,” she said.

“Republican voters across the country are sick and tired of Republicans because they never do anything to hold this government accountable. Republicans go out on the campaign trail, they go on TV and post on social media and say all this garbage that they are going to fight it, stop it.”

“I feel like many of the American people that think Republicans in Congress completely fail them. I feel the same way. And I’m a Republican member of Congress,” she said.

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