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FBI’s Attack On Pro-Life Catholics Is What You Get In Biden’s America, Jim Jordan Warns

via NBC
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Rep. Jim Jordan discussed the FBI’s alleged monitoring of Catholics, linking it to President Biden’s 2022 speech where he labeled “MAGA Republicans” a “threat to democracy.”

Jordan highlighted the House Judiciary Committee’s report on the FBI’s plan to monitor Catholics and noted the bureau’s actions in Richmond, Virginia, interviewing a priest and choir director without legitimate basis.

FBI Director Christopher Wray testified that the memo was rescinded upon headquarters’ knowledge. (Trending: Joe Biden Admits He’s ‘Not Sure’ About Running If Trump Wasn’t)

Jordan criticized the FBI’s behavior, connecting it to Biden’s speech and the Justice Department’s stance on parents attending school board meetings.

“When that [federal] case goes to court, Mark Houck wins,” Jordan said, referencing a pro-life activist raided by the FBI.

“Which is – that’s how ridiculous this all is. So that’s what our report spells out.”

“That is not how you’re supposed to operate in this great country,” Jordan said of Houck’s attempt to turn himself in, before being raided.

“Remember when Joe Biden stood in front of Independence Hall and talked about how one half of the country is fascist?” Jordan asked.

“It’s this whole mindset.”

“If you’re pro-life, if you’re a traditional Catholic, somehow you’re radical, somehow you’re an extremist.”

“This is part of the Justice Department that said, if you’re a mom and dad going to a school board meeting, you’re an extremist as well…this is what’s so scary.”

He also mentioned the ongoing battle to relocate the FBI headquarters, citing bipartisan concerns over the proposed site selection in Maryland.

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