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To Win, Republicans Have To Be Smarter And Tougher Than Senator James Lankford

via Face the Nation
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George Stephanopoulos challenged Sen. James Lankford on his support for Donald Trump and his response to various political issues.

Lankford’s lackluster and submissive answers were criticized, with the author emphasizing the need for strong, truthful leadership in the Republican party.

They argued that Republicans should confront media bias and focus on major policy issues to win elections. (Trending: Olympic Gold Medalist Sentenced For Jan 6)

“Your party’s leading candidate for president was on the stump yesterday repeating lies about the 2020 election,” began Stephanopoulos.

“He’s called those convicted in the Jan. 6 insurrection hostages. He faces 91 separate felony counts himself. He’s raised the prospect of executing the former chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and terminating parts of the Constitution,” he continued.

“In the face of all that and more, are you prepared to support Donald Trump if he’s your party’s nominee? he finally asked.

“Yes, we haven’t had a single vote yet, George,” said Lankford.

“This is still weeks and weeks away from our first votes that are happening actually in Iowa, then New Hampshire and South Carolina. And there are a lot of people that are going to make that decision,” explained the Oklahoma Republican.

“That’s not going to be me making that decision, that’s going to be the American people that actually make that decision,” concluded Lankford.

Lankford’s appearance highlights the importance of standing up for truth and representing constituents effectively.

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