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Nancy Pelosi: 2024 Election ‘Very Crucial To Our Democracy’

via FRONTLINE PBS | Official on Youtube
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Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, has expressed concern about the 2024 presidential election, emphasizing the importance of young people’s involvement.

Notably, Pelosi recently received an award at the University of Delaware, to which she praised President Biden.

“This next election is crucial to our democracy,” Pelosi said. (Trending: Tucker Reveals The Moment He Became A Full-Blown Trump Supporter)

“The hope I have is in young people who care about our future, our planet, and justice and fairness.”

“I consider myself a master weaver,” Pelosi said.

“I sit at that loom, and everybody knows that their thread is as important as any other thread there, and our beautiful tapestry, which is the Democratic Party in all its diversity, is incomplete unless everyone is represented there.”

“He has so much vision for our country, knowledge of the issues, and therefore the judgment that goes with it. Such a strategic thinker, a master legislator for decades,” she said of Biden.

“And in his heart, the most empathy of anyone who’s ever been in the White House.”

Pelosi also criticized the third-party organization No Labels, fearing its impact on the election.

“No Labels is perilous to our democracy. I hesitate to say No Labels because they do have labels,” she said.

“They’re called no taxes for the rich. No child tax credit for children. They’re called let’s undo the Affordable Care Act.”

“When they jeopardize the reelection of Joe Biden as president of the United States, I can no longer remain silent on that,” she said.

There are concerns that a successful third-party candidate could disrupt the election process, potentially leading to an outcome determined by congressional delegations.

Former Maryland governor Larry Hogan (R) said it was “disheartening to see Nancy Pelosi literally make things up about No Labels to score political points.”

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